Welcome to the TSB Bank Bowls Museum online collection!
Set against the background of Mount Taranaki, ours is the only Bowls Museum in the world and contains over 8000 exhibits of the game as played by the men and women in New Zealand. Bowls is the 3rd largest participation sport in New Zealand and is played world wide. Old trophies from historical events, the Library of Jubilee, and other historical bowling information complete the museum. Set in park surroundings near to historic New Plymouth Bowling Club.

The museum commenced in a private capacity 1980 and was donated to New Zealand Bowls in 1993. There is good parking adjacent to the museum.

Our aim is to compile and display lawn bowls activity in New Zealand since 1890. We also aim to assist with publication of facts on New Zealand lawn bowls for use by lovers of the game.
Browse our collections and please get in touch if you have stories to add to the items featured. You can visit us at the museum in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand. We are open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 2.30pm and for special events. 


Recently Added Items

First Returned Soldier Taranaki Bowling Tournament 1934-35

black and white photograph of a large group of men standing and sitting on and around a green with a high hedge behind them

Bowls Taranaki Centre Handbook 2020-2021 season

A5 sized book with black cover with centre logo in black white and yellow at the top has a colour photograph of the Hawera Park Bowling Club -…

New Plymouth Bowling Club Handbook 2020-2021

A5 sized handbook with yellow cover with printed in red club logo name and information